6 Party Games From Our Store That'll get Ya Blind Drunk

6 Party Games From Our Store That'll get Ya Blind Drunk

Tired of your liver? Well, gather some buddies 'cause we got just the thing to get that bastard eighty-sixed in a jiff!

1 - Moist

Don't even play me, I know Taboo dries you up. Here's something to remedy that: Moist! Simply pick a card, choose one half, and get your friends to guess the word on the top without using any of the other ones. You know the drill. These ain't words for game night at your Nana's, though, unless she knows what "bukkake" is, in which case: cool Nana!

Drink whenever you lose a round, say a word you shouldn't, or get embarrassed.

Get embarrassed? Sheesh, you're in for a night.

Drunkenness factor: Orson Welles selling champagne

2 - 5-second rule

Can you name three places you stash condoms in five seconds? How about three celebrities caught naked? Well, that one might be easy for you, dirty dog that you are, but if you mess up, guess what? It's firewater down your throat.

Drunkenness factor: this guy 


3 - Shitty Choices

This one is not fucking around. It gets you drinking from the get-go. Line up some booze, last one to finish has to read the cards. Would you rather cum every time you hear All-Star by Smash Mouth or have it playing every time you cum?

Personally, both are true for me already so I don't even need to pick. Drink if you choose an answer the rest of the group disagrees with, or if you refuse to choose an answer, or if you're too enthusiastic about an answer... basically just drink all the time.

Drunkeness factor: honey, that's not the toilet, that's the pizza.

4 - For the Girls

Yes, this one is aimed towards those of the female persuasion but you know what? Liquor doesn't discriminate. Bring your boyfriend in on the fun, it's fine! It's simple: Rapid Fire, Never Have I Ever, Best of the Best, Most Likely To, and Truth or Dare - all in one. Each with its own set of drinking rules. Bam.

Drunkenness factor: have an ambulance on standby.

5 - Name and Shame

Which of your friends is most likely to masturbate to pictures of friends on instagram? Which is more likely to marry their cousin? Vote to their faces, so they know how little you think of them. Take a shot if you're voted for unanimously, if you argue with the vote, if you misread the card, if you get picked 3 times in a row. Plus drink plenty beforehand to withstand the savagery.

Drunkenness factor: say goodbye to your loved ones.

6 – This Game Will get you Fucked Up

In this game you can be instructed to drink for every year you’ve had braces. Drink if you have the shortest surname in the group. Drink if you’re wearing a bra. Drink if you’re a guy.

Drunkenness factor: the alcohol level in your bloodstream will preserve your corpse into the time beyond time.

Where can you buy those? Why, glad you asked! Get them all from our store: Moist, 5-second rule, Shitty Choices, For the girls, Name and Shame

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