Cards of Ice and Fire

Cards of Ice and Fire

Are you still feeling those Season 8 blue balls? Need to spew some bile but DB Weiss and Dan Benioff are too far away to catch it? While we can’t offer you much in terms of solace, we do have this little party game that will at least provide an opportunity for some light piss-taking of our once favourite series on TV.

Cards of Ice & Fire is an unofficial and unaffiliated fill-in-the-blanks game made by fans and for fans where you and some friends take turns completing sentences goofing on the popular Dragon and Tits show. What does Tyrion thinks about when he jerks off? What is the secret vow of the Night’s Watch?

Whoever comes up with the funniest answer wins! Simple and to the point!

You can play the game on its own or you can mix it in with other similar games, like Cards Against Humanity and Crabs Adjust Humidity for increased levels of fun.

Reminisce about one of TV’s most popular series with a game that isn’t afraid to roast it where it deserves

Hmm... Which would be sexier to Tyrion?

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