Last Of Us 2's Infinite Cycle of Backlash: Who's Right?

If you’re out of the loop on the many Last of Us part II controversies, Erik Kain (link) at Forbes and Matthew Byrd (link) at Den of Geek have pretty solid write ups on it.

It seems a slew of legitimate complaints are being dismissed as mere anti-SJW sentiment in a backlash of the backlash. There is a much more reasonable backlash to the backlash of the backlash, however, where, upon careful inspection, people can see where the disgruntled players are coming from. Trawling through reddit (link) and youtube (link) (spoiler alert) the consensus is strong: too bleak, characters too flat, plot twists that don’t stand up to scrutiny, dishonest marketing, questionable gameplay choices… The contentions here are many, and the segment of people who truly object to the socially progressive attitudes of the game appears to be pretty much negligible. You wouldn’t know it from the more official reviews though, as the glowing praise can’t shower hard enough. 

For a more in-depth look and our perspective on the matter, look forward to our first podcast episode (yes, we’re doing podcasts now!!!), where we break it all down and discuss the merits on each side.


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