My first 48 hours in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Greetings fellow island dweller! 

No doubt you are as addicted to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as all of us here at the Big Play family. How about you grab a net and a fishing rod, some fruit and your most stylish outfit, jump on a plane and take a walk through the first 48 hours on my island with me! 

Truly the hardest part so far for me was a name for the paradise that awaited me... I went through every game and anime world I hold dear from Wraeclast (Path of Exile) right through to Cybertron and City Z until I managed to land on Prospero (points if you can guess it's origin in the comments below WITHOUT google).

With this out of the way and an assurance that I would be able to change my characters appearance, I slapped something together and hopped right in.

I made a decision that I would not be reloading to get specific fruit and nor would I be time skipping, this was to be as organic as my first time playing on the Game Cube... Luckily I struck beautiful butt shaped gold in the form of Peaches!

After getting through the tutorials, which mind you did not in any way feel cumbersome, I got lost designing clothing and images for a good 6 hours and came out on the other side feeling extremely accomplished and with a brand new cute little t-shirt and cap to boot!


Everything absolutely went down hill from here... Nook had just given me the ability to pay my house off in what felt like record time with "Nook Miles" when I looked at the time and sure enough another 4 or so hours had passed, but my house was paid off and ready to undergo a renovation so rather than feeling guilty for the time sink, I opted for a swift self-pat on the back instead.

Shortly after, the next job from our local task master was bestowed upon me, building "Nook's Cranny." Optimistic and eager to get the little convenience store up and running I scurried off to gather the requested resources and boy oh boy did I hit a wall... Iron Nuggets... Desperation set in shortly after realising I was unable to get more iron from my rocks, so I broke them (mistakes were made). After much deliberation and sadness I decided to sleep. So a day passed and barely any rocks grew back, panic set in and I decided to test out my free travel ticket and sure enough, rocks!

So here we are again, gathering nook miles, to buy tickets, to break rocks, to build a convenience store that will undoubtedly cause me even greater inner turmoil as I try to decide between new furniture and paying my house loan off only to find myself stuck for another 5 hours designing even more patterns and not actually progressing anything except my swag!

So here I was setting alarms to remind myself to talk to my island's inhabitants (for nook miles), check the atm (for nook miles) and make sure I do all of the other daily tasks that award, yep you guessed it, nook miles! It's at this point it occurred to me... This simple game loop is giving me a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment that I had all but forgotten ever experiencing playing video games.

The excitement of waking up to your new bridge being built or seeing your new island dweller friend coming out of the house you had constructed for them is incredibly satisfying. It is safe to say that after the first 2 days this absolutely had me hooked.

We would love to see your creations, town layouts and home interiors! Comment below, there may even be a little competition down the track for those of you who are especially dedicated!


Your friendly neighbourhood gamer,

-Matt Wilson


Matt is the COO or Chief Operating Officer of Big Play Games.

Between time spent in the office and with his family, you can always catch him playing Warframe, watching MHA (over and over) or painting table top miniatures.

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  • Loving animal crossing aswell! and love the pixel art!!


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