NASA Announces its First Official Board Game!

NASA Announces its First Official Board Game!

Ground control to Major Tom: NASA’s about to launch its first official board game!


Jonathan Gilmour (co-designer of Dead of Winter and Dinosaur Island) had this  to say on Facebook:


Super excited to finally get to talk about this game! Sarah Addison co-designed this and I don’t know if I have ever put as much work in such a short time frame into a game as I have this one. Sarah definitely took a strong lead on the design and really showed her design chops off! We play tested this so many times in such a short period, and so many designers said we were insane for trying to do it.
Thank you to Pandasaurus Games and Buffalo Games for the opportunity to make an official NASA game. If I went back and told Kid me who wanted to go to space camp that I’d get to do this, they wouldn’t have believed me.

Also, those sliders are a REALLY smart design. I don’t think I’ve seen any like that before. I love a good solution to a track like that.”

From the description, it seems to be a co-op focused game where one player, taking the role of Mission Control, has to coordinate with the others, who play Astronauts, to solve problems aboard the ship, with some unspecific limiting factor to hinder communications between the two. Gametime is set at 30-60 minutes and it sits 2-5 players. As of press time, it’s unclear whether or not the game will be accepted as an appropriate substitute for astronaut training, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it will. I'll be sure to go knocking on NASA’s door for your full induction once I’ve finished a couple matches.


Launch date (pun intentional) is set for July 26th.



The universe... What a concept...


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