Training Day at the Office!

Training Day at the Office!

Today our new girls and guys dropped by the office for training!

And training at Big Play Games means PARTY GAMES!

Danielle wants to know: ya jelly?

Thank heavens we only had Mountain Dew in the fridge, because the first game they played was This Game Will Get you Fucked Up

Andrew (left) and Angus (right), for their unfortunate disadvantage of possessing both X and Y chromosomes, were compelled to take a drink for every girl in the group.

Don't worry... They look young, but they're of legal "drinking soda" age.

Staying on course, the crew moved on to Moist. We’ve already talked about these games on our 6 Games That Will Get You Blind Drunk post, but basically, Moist can be best described as "naughty Taboo". (Search those words on google, I guarantee you’ll have fun!)

Angus is having trouble describing this one, so he’s asking Liam for help.

Next up was Shitty Choices (link). We learned a lot about each other on this one and, to be honest, we kinda wish we hadn’t.

Lizzy is laying down the rules. Rule number one, though: no-one comes out of this looking good...

Starting out chill…

Oof, that escalated quickly…


Speaking for myself, depends on how much they're paying

My head is mostly face since I turned 30 anyway...



Well, is it a micro-strap-on?


Andrew's incredulous...

And after that protracted stint of relentless TMI, the natural way to go was Name and Shame.

I mean, it’s one way of teaching them work ethics…

Straight out of the shower, though?

D&D: Dungeons and Dickings.

This game was quite easy, though, because a consensus about every one of those cards was reached rather quickly, and the consensus was…


What? I’m only human, you guys!

And that’s not all! Stay tuned for our first…

(drum roll)


Yes, vlog! I adamantly insisted on registering every embarrassing shenanigan that ensued for posterity so all subsequent generations can have access to this important information. The vlog should go up on our website shortly, so you can all cherish it.

Seriously, guys, you don’t wanna miss it

Let us know in the comments how you would answer the Name and Shame and Shitty Choices questions.

Keep on truckin’, Big Gamers!

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