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13cm Octagon Pop It - Rainbow

13cm Octagon Pop It - Rainbow

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🎆 POP ALL DAY LONG! Octagon Pop It fidget toys will delight everyone who sees them.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 EXCELLENT GIFT: Pop Its are a fantastic gift for all ages - kids and adults alike can’t get enough of this amazing toy. 

🌏 POP ANYWHERE: Easily take and share the Octagon Pop It everywhere you go. It’s easily stored and carried. 

🥰 BUILT TO LAST: The Octogon Pop It can be safely squeezed as many times as you like. They’re soft, easily washable and ready to pop for years to come. 

✨ STRESS RELIEVER: There’s something incredible about the way popping these vibrantly colourful bubbles makes you relaxed straight away. It’s easy to pick up, fun and sounds so satisfying, with a strong pop feel and noise from both directions. 

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