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14cm Butterfly Pop It - Baby Rainbow

14cm Butterfly Pop It - Baby Rainbow

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🦋 PRETTY BUTTERFLY! This wonder of nature is as colourful as it is addictive. Our specially-designed fidget toys will delight everyone who sees them and the Baby Rainbow Butterfly is no exception.

✨ POP YOUR STRESS AWAY: There’s something incredible about the way popping these vibrantly colourful bubbles makes you relaxed straight away. It’s easy to pick up, fun and sounds so satisfying, with a strong pop feel and noise from both directions. 

🥰 BUILT TO LAST: The Butterfly Baby Rainbow Push & Pop It can be safely squeezed as many times as you like. They’re soft, easily washable and ready to pop for years to come. Our Pop Its are the original standard, built from strong and durable silicone, unlike cheap knock-offs found in dodgy market stalls which can rip apart easily, 

🌏 POP ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Easily carry and share this pop it and enjoy its million uses. Enjoy them everywhere from offices, schoolyards, long car trips and voyages into the unknown. Use them as a fun fidget toy, a drinks coaster, colourful flying object or a quick way to add colour to your world! 

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 SHARE THE FUN: Pop Its are a fantastic gift for all ages - kids and adults alike can’t get enough of this amazing toy. Share the Butterfly Baby Rainbow Pop It Fidget Toy with your friends and enjoy the fun together! 

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