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14cm Tangle Rope - Blue/Dark Blue/White

14cm Tangle Rope - Blue/Dark Blue/White

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💥 WILDEST FIDGET! Tangle Ropes are wild fidget toys that twist, turn and tangle into all sorts of crazy shapes. It’s the latest addictive fidget and will drive you around the bend!

🧠 TANGLE YOUR WAY: With eighteen joined sections this fascinating toy can be transformed into almost any shape imaginable. Keep your hands busy while chilling out.

✅ TOP QUALITY: Our Tangle Rope Anti-Stress Fidget Toys are built from the best quality parts on the market. Don’t settle for second best!

😎 WILD STYLING: Available in a great range of colour patterns that you can mix and match. 

 STAY FOCUSED: The sensation of twisting the tangle into constantly evolving shapes inspires creativity, keeps you focused on other tasks and helps develop fine motor skills. They’re also popular with those who have ADHD, autism or similar conditions.
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