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18cm Birthday Cake Pop It - Matte Rainbow

18cm Birthday Cake Pop It - Matte Rainbow

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🎂 THIS TAKES THE CAKE: This Birthday Cake Pop It will delight everyone who sees it. No candles to blow out either!

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 EXCELLENT GIFT: Pop Its are a fantastic gift for all ages - kids and adults alike can’t get enough of this amazing toy. 

🌏 POP ANYWHERE: Easily take and share the Pop It everywhere you go. It’s easily stored and carried. 

🥰 BUILT TO LAST: The Pop It can be safely squeezed as many times as you like. They’re soft, easily washable and ready to pop for years to come. Use it every day, not just your birthday!

✨ STRESS RELIEVER: There’s something incredible about the way popping these vibrantly colourful bubbles makes you relaxed straight away. It’s easy to pick up, fun and sounds so satisfying, with a strong pop feel and noise from both directions. 

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