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18cm Pop Tube - Light Blue

18cm Pop Tube - Light Blue

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🧘‍♀️ BEND AND STRETCH! This bendy, tactile and loud tube is as fun as it is flexible. It twists, turns and makes a tremendous sound when you pull the ends apart, extending it out even further.

🎵 MAKE SOME NOISE! Pop Tubes feel great in your hands with the corrugated edges providing a solid tactile sensation when they’re pushed and pulled. They also make a terrific noise every time they’re stretched in and out of shape. 

💪 BUILT TOUGH: They’re made from sturdy, colourful plastic that is built to withstand extended wear and tear and is safe for all ages.

🟣🟢🟠 MANY COLOURS: Pick your favourite colour in our wide range of Pop Tubes. 

😋 EASY TUBE: The Pop Tube is an ideal accessory for anyone who has nervous habits or just wants a fun distraction to occupy their hands. Fidget toys are also great for those with autism, ADHD or similar conditions as they promote concentration, relaxation and calm. 

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