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2 Bubble Simple Dimple - Blue/Green

2 Bubble Simple Dimple - Blue/Green

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💥 POP IT REAL GOOD! The 2 Hole Simple Dimple is the latest and greatest fidget toy in town! It feels great with a solid pop feel in both directions every single time. 

🤏 SMALL AND HANDY! Keep your 2 Hole Simple Dimple in your pocket, in your bag or attached to your keys so they’re always nearby. 

👍 DURABLE: Our Simple Dimple Fidget Toys are built from the highest quality ABS plastic and are designed to deliver pop performance for years to come. 

🎨 AWESOME COLOURS: A wide variety of colours means that there’s always one to match your style.

😁 KEEP FOCUSED: Simple Dimples are perfect for those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, autism, or anyone who needs to keep their hands occupied to stay focused. 

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