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2 Bubble Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner - Flower Pattern

2 Bubble Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner - Flower Pattern

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💫 GIVE IT A SPIN! 💫 Reduce boredom, stay focused and keep your cool with the Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner. 

✅ GREAT FIDGET FEEL:  With brightly coloured dimples on hand, there’s no end to the popping fun. It has a strong pop sensation in both directions.

😎 SMOOTH SPINNING ACTION: The spinner stays moving with a simple tap and combines with the bright colours of the Simple Dimples to make wild combinations. 

🎁 GREAT GIFT IDEA: The combination of fidget spinner and simple dimple makes this an ideal gift for everyone.

🤗 SOOTHE THE MIND AND SOUL: The Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner is an ideal accessory for anyone who has nervous habits or just wants a simple distraction to occupy their hands. Fidget toys are also great for those with autism, ADHD or similar conditions as they promote concentration, relaxation and calm. 

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