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23cm Watch Face Pop It Bracelet - Pastel Rainbow

23cm Watch Face Pop It Bracelet - Pastel Rainbow

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⌚ MAKE TIME! Always have a Pop It on hand with this stylish and fun Pop It Bracelet with a watch face design. The Pop It Bracelet combines the never-ending fun of a pop it fidget with the fashion and fun of a bracelet. 

🏃‍♀️ ON THE RUN: Just affix it to your wrist and carry it wherever you go. The bracelet is made from durable plastic with a satisfying pop sensation every time the bubbles are pressed.

😎 COOL STYLES: With a variety of colours and styles available there’s a Pop It Bracelet for everyone.

💪 SAFE AND STURDY: The Pop It Bracelet is made almost entirely of solid Pop It plastic with an attachment strap which holds it securely to your wrist. Make the time for this delightful watch face pop it bracelet.

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