• 25cm Bubble Tea Plushie - Chocolate Eyes Open

25cm Bubble Tea Plushie - Chocolate Eyes Open

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☕ SPILL THE TEA! With wide-open eyes and a delightful straw, this Bubble Tea plushie is in the shape of a small bubble tea drink, slightly bigger than the size of the real thing but much cuter.  

🤗 CUTE TEA: It’s huggable, squeezable and looks great on your desk.

💪 STRONG TEA: Bubble Tea Plushies are made from top quality materials that are soft to the touch and densely packed to feel firm and robust. 

😎 TASTE TEA: They’re available in a wide variety of flavours.

🤣 QUALI TEA: Plushies are fantastic companions on long car trips, fun to throw around with friends, and the soft material feels great in your hand. 

This product like all of our products is covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you have any problems with the quality of this product, we will refund you in full.