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27cm Pop It Lunch Box - Rainbow/Black

27cm Pop It Lunch Box - Rainbow/Black

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🍎 SNACK-SIZED TREAT: It’s a Lunch Box! It’s a Pop It! It’s both! The Pop It Lunch Box combines the never-ending fun of a pop it fidget with the use and versatility of a lunch box. Carry your food wherever you go and have a relaxing, addictive fidget toy always at hand. The bag is designed to store your essential items with a handy zip lock to keep everything secure. 

🌈 COLOURFUL SNACKS: The colourful materials are a real eye-catcher in any situation from the school room to the board room.

💪 SOLID AND STURDY: The bag is made almost entirely of solid Pop It plastic, which gives a satisfying pop sound every time it’s pushed. 

🥕 FOOD FOR EVERYONE: The Pop It Bag is perfect for students of all ages and anyone who needs to keep their food and fidgets in the one place.

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