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35cm Bubble Tea Plushie - Pineapple Eyes Open

35cm Bubble Tea Plushie - Pineapple Eyes Open

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☕ SPILL THE TEA! With wide-open eyes and a delightful straw, this 35cm Bubble Tea plushie is in the shape of a small bubble tea drink, much larger than the real thing but much cuter.  

🤗 CUTE TEA: It’s huggable, squeezable and looks great on your desk. 

💪 STRONG TEA: Bubble Tea Plushies are made from top quality materials that are soft to the touch and densely packed to feel firm and robust. 

😎 TASTE TEA: They’re available in a wide variety of flavours.

🤣 QUALI TEA: Plushies are fantastic companions on long car trips, fun to throw around with friends, and the soft material feels great in your hand. 

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