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6cm DNA Ball

6cm DNA Ball

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😎 FUN FIDGET! The DNA Ball stress relief fidget toy combines the delightful squishing sensation of a Squishy Ball with a strong tactile feel inside a colourful and fun ball. 

✨ GIVE IT A SQUEEZE: It feels sturdy, stretchy and solid in your hand and the little balls inside it also can be squeezed for extra stimulation.

🥰 LONG LASTING: The smooth plastic of the DNA Stress Ball stretches and contracts over and over again and will remain in place for thousands of uses if treated properly.

🧘‍♂️ THERAPEUTIC: Squeezing the ball repeatedly is good for improving circulation, mental focus and attention. Fidget toys of this type are typically helpful for those with ADHD, Autism or similar conditions. 

Note: Due to their wonderful flexibility and overall squishiness, these products will not last forever. How long they remain durable and in top shape will depend on how they're treated, with the general rule being the nicer you are to them, the longer they'll last. Squishy and stretchy items are  built tough but aren't indestructible. Do not bite, chew or try to swallow the contents. Do not pierce the toy with sharp objects or excessively squash, stretch or pull the toy.

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