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8cm Squishy Orbeez Grapes - Purple

8cm Squishy Orbeez Grapes - Purple

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🍍 FRUITY FUN: Squishy Orbeez Stress Balls combine the delightful squishing sensation of a Squishy Ball with the tactile feel of a colourful and fun fruit shape. 

🤩 GIVE IT A SQUEEZE: Squeeze the fruit and it smoothly stretches out of its normal shape and then back again when you release it. 

👍 FULL OF GOODNESS: Inside the fruit are dozens of tiny balls that give a unique and pleasing tactile sensation every time the fidget toy is squeezed. 

ğŸ˜Ž LONG LASTING FLAVOUR: The smooth plastic stretches and contracts over and over again and will remain in place for thousands of uses if treated properly. 

💥 HEALTHY FOR EVERYONE: Squeezing the fruit repeatedly is good for improving circulation, mental focus and attention. Fidget toys of this type are typically helpful for those with ADHD, Autism or similar conditions.

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