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Axis Speed Cube

Axis Speed Cube

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💫 THE NEW SHAPE OF CUBES: The Axis Speed Cube transforms with every turn. The ingenious puzzle rotates along multiple angled axes to reveal completely new geometric patterns.

🎁 GREAT GIFT FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS: This addictive puzzle is small, lightweight and resistant to scratches, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves a challenge that they can take anywhere. 

🧩 SMART DESIGN: Built from high quality solid and safe materials, the new generations of  Speed Cubes feature smooth cornering, bright colours and a solid grip. 

🏆 BEAT THE COMPETITION: Professional speedcubers rely on Moyu cubes to get the best results. They’re the world leader in competitive speed cubes. 

💡 MASTER NEW SKILLS: Learning how to solve Speed Cubes is a great way to develop spatial awareness, memory retention and colour matching skills. Have fun while developing new talents and avoiding screen time. 

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