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Bead Orbit - Purple/Pink

Bead Orbit - Purple/Pink

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⚖️ FEEL THE WEIGHT: The Bead Orbit is a satisfying tool that fits right in the palm. Move it around in your hand to feel the weighted metal balls rolling around the paths, improving concentration and giving a restless mind something more to focus on.

🥨 TWIST AND TURN: Each piece of the Bead Orbit can be pivoted to change the layout of the fidget, moving the metal beads to the best place for you! Would you like all the weight on one side, or would you like the weight to shift around endlessly? The choice is yours!

🛼 ON A ROLL: The pivot on the Bead Orbit can be locked into two different positions. Either with three separate paths for the beads to roll through, or one super long infinite path. Watch or feel as the beads sooth your mind while rolling endlessly through their paths.

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