• Blue & Green & Pink Simple Dimple Fidget Toy

Blue & Green & Pink Simple Dimple Fidget Toy

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💥 POP IT REAL GOOD! The 2 Hole Simple Dimple is the latest and greatest fidget toy in town! It feels great with a solid pop feel in both directions every single time. 

😁 KEEP FOCUSED: Our entire line stress-relieving fidget toys are perfect for those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, autism, or anyone who needs to keep their hands occupied to stay focused. It helps lower anxiety for children and adults alike.

🤏 SMALL AND HANDY! Keep your Simple Dimple in your pocket, in your bag or attached to your keys so they’re always nearby. 

👍 DURABLE: Our Simple Dimple Fidget Toys are built from the highest quality ABS plastic and are designed to deliver pop performance for years to come. Don’t stop poppin’!

🎨 AWESOME COLOURS: A wide variety of colours means that there’s always one to match your style - try the Blue & Green Simple Dimple or Blue & Pink Simple Dimple!

This product like all of our products is covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you have any problems with the quality of this product, we will refund you in full.