• Cooked Aussies Smarter Milk Expansion

Cooked Aussies - Smarter Milk Expansion - Adult Party Game

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Get cooked! Take on the wildest drinking card game in the Southern Hemisphere, with this dinki-di, true blue and thoroughly Aussie AF experience. 101 new cards will test you and your mates to see what kind of hometown legend you really are. 

Making its debut in Smarter Milk is the Democracy card, where the player who picks it up must read a decision out loud and the remaining players must pick a side. Players on the losing side down a drink. 

The Smarter Milk Expansion can be used with the Cooked Aussies base pack or enjoyed on its own. At any rate it’s got a rich, creamy taste and will get you on the grog faster than you can blink. 

Ages: 18+
Players: 1+
Playing time: 20-90 mins
Genre: Adult Party
Difficulty: Easy

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