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Cooked Aussies Smarter Milk Expansion

Cooked Aussies - Smarter Milk Expansion - Adult Party Game

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Cooked Aussies is the wildest drinking card game in the southern hemisphere. Endorsed by SCOMO/ Kevin07 / Coward Howard.

This first expansion pack will contain 101 cards total and can be played either as a stand-alone game or as an expansion to Cooked Aussies. 
The Smarter Milk Expansion adds a political flavour to the game with the NEW democracy card.
Democracy – The player who picks up the card reads it out loud. On the count of 3, all players must pick a side. Players on the losing side must drink. 
Ages: 18+
Players: 1+
Playing time: 20-90 mins
Genre: Adult Party
Difficulty: Easy
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