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Gold Mirror Speed Cube

Gold Mirror Speed Cube

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💡 A BRAND NEW TWIST: Test your wits and have fun in the process with radical spin on the classic brain-scratcher.

💫 CHANGE THE SHAPE: Each part of the Mirror Speed Cube is a different size, and when you twist the cube it changes shape completely! The challenge is to solve the cube using just the size of the pieces as a guide. 

😎 SMOOTH STYLE: The gold mirror surface looks cool and the cube moves cleanly every time. The ergonomic design means that the cube faces rotate with no pop, providing stability and a smooth turning feel. 

🎁 THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: The Mirror Speed Cube makes for the perfect gift for kids who want a new challenge. 

🔧 EASILY FIXED: While this cube feels tough enough for anything, Moyu cubes are specially designed to be easily taken apart and put back together again. Don’t worry about breaking it.  

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