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Jabuka - Family Word Game

Jabuka - Family Word Game

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SCREENS OFF, GAME ON! Boost your brain power with a new kind of word game where you bend rules and twist letters to make, transform, and steal words in a high-octane quick hit of fun! The patented twistable alphabet makes word-making easy, fun and creative, especially for kids. Fast and loose rules, no turn-taking, plus word-twisting and stealing, makes for competitive, one-on-one or team play.

PIECES CAN BE ROTATED TO FORM DIFFERENT LETTERS AND WORDS! To win, use the most beans to spell words in a spontaneous, fast-paced and creative way!

BRING YOUR FAMILY TOGETHER FOR A FACE-TO-FACE GAME EXPERIENCE. Jabuka provides all the necessary requirements for your friends and family to have some totally twisted fun! In the age of digital distraction, Jabuka offers a hands-on, face to face game experience! Contains over 100 pieces. For 2-8 players, ages 8+

AN AWARD WINNING BRAIN WORKOUT! Jabuka makes a great gift for kids and adults who like challenging and fun word games, anagrams, and brain teasers! Great for kids learning to spell. Or adults looking to improve their memory! Take a break from your usual board games, card games, or slow letter games.

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