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Name & Shame 2.0

Name & Shame 2.0

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Read a card out loud, think for 5 seconds and then everyone must vote for someone by publicly pointing to them, right to their face! The lucky winner has to draw from the winner card pile and do what it says. Feelings will be hurt, friendships will be tested and tears may be shed in this hilariously savage game of judgement. 

Comes with drinking and non-drinking winner cards so it's perfect as both a hardcore drinking game and as a non-drinking party game.


  • Ages: 18+
  • Players: 2-20
  • Playing time: 30-60mins
  • Genre: Adult Party
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • 400 question cards
  • 50 drinking winner cards
  • 50 dare winner cards
  • Instructions

How To Play

  1. Separate the Winner Cards and Question Cards and put them in 2 piles on a table.
  2. Decide if you will use Drinking Winner Cards (dark card back) or Dare Winner Cards (white background) or both. If playing with both drinkers and non-drinkers we recommend using both and letting non-drinkers draw only white Dare Winner Cards. 
  3. Shuffle your chosen winner cards really well. 
  4. Take turns drawing blue Question Cards and reading them out loud. Once read everyone has 5 seconds to think and then everyone simultaneously votes by pointing to a player. 
  5. If anyone didn’t vote, boo them and peer pressure them into pointing at someone. 
  6. Whoever won the vote has to draw a winner card and do what it says. 
  7. Make the winner do what the card says - even if they are a little bitch who wants to chicken out. If they complete the card (or make a good enough effort) they get to keep it. If they don’t they lose it and all other winner cards they have collected. 
  8. If you care about winning, pick a number of winner cards to collect as a goal. We suggest 10. 
  9. If you care about getting drunk and insulting your friends, keep playing until someone storms off in an offended, ‘How could you possibly vote me for THAT?” Then cheers the players who voted for them. 
  10. If you run out of winner cards, declare a winner, give them a thumbs up, then shuffle the winner cards and start again.

Disclaimer: This game contains coarse language and mature themes and due to its content it should not be viewed, played or purchased by anyone.

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