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Never Have I... 2.0

Never Have I... 2.0

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The game of secrets and embarrassing past behaviours. Find out what sort of secret life your friends and family have actually lived! Everyone is required to both own up to the act AND tell the story about when they did it. Contains 500 brand new cards for endless fun!


  • Ages: 16+
  • Players: 2-20
  • Playing time: 30-60mins
  • Genre: Adult Party
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • 500 never have I... cards
  • Instructions

How To Play

  1. Everyone get your drink of choice and prepare to drink - a lot. NON DRINKERS can still participate. We never said the drinks had to be alcoholic ;)
  2. Either take turns drawing and reading cards or pick 1 player to do it. We recommend letting the bossy person read every card, they enjoy being everyone's card bitch. 
  3. Readout a card and everyone who has done it MUST DRINK!
  4. Next, every player who drank must tell the story about when they did the thing. 
  5. If someone refuses to tell the story, peer pressure them into telling it. If they still refuse, call them a little bitch and make them finish their drink.
  6. Everyone votes on who had the best story, that player wins the card!
  7. First to 10 cards wins!

Optional Rules

  • Also vote on who had the lamest story, that person drinks a second time.
  • If you think someone is lying call them out on it and try to peer pressure them into telling the truth. Peer pressure is your best friend in this game!
  • Keep playing until someone passes out, the first person to get a dick drawn on their face is the real winner

Disclaimer: This game contains coarse language and mature themes and due to its content it should not be viewed, played or purchased by anyone.

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