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Question Time

Question Time

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"Welcome to Question time! A game of Australian politics, political history, intrigue and rat cunning. Every player has a chance to win whether you have been cabinet minister, a student of political science, a member of the press, a regular punter or just voted in your first election. This is politics, the idea is not to be nice to your opponents but to beat them - at any cost - just like the real thing!"

A mix of a trivia game, hand management and strategy, 2 or more players or teams move around the board (the seating layout of the Chamber) using dice (if on the Backbench) and a spinner (if on the Frontbench).

The aim of the game is to present three Acts to parliament. An Act is three cards of a particular type, gained when on the Frontbench. When on the Backbench, players also draw Question Time and Stuffups & Scandals cards (general knowledge), Party Room and Press Gallery cards (luck), and filibuster cards (must speak for 60 seconds for or against the motion on the card).


  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 2-8
  • Playing time: 60-120mins
  • Genre: Family Trivia
  • Difficulty: Easy


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