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Rediminx Speed Cube

Rediminx Speed Cube

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🧩 THE NEXT LEVEL OF CUBE PUZZLES: This captivating puzzle is the next generation of the Megaminx, with independently rotating corners to mix so that all 12 coloured sides of the dodecahedron match. It looks simple, but it’s harder than it looks. 

✨ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Built from solid and safe materials, the Rediminx Speed Cube features smooth cornering, bright colours and a solid grip. 

🎁 FUN AND UNIQUE GIFT: This addictive puzzle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a brain-scratcher that will keep them entertained for weeks. 

🏆 BEAT THE COMPETITION: Mix up the corner pieces and challenge your friends to solve it the fastest way possible. Professional speedcubers rely on Moyu cubes to get the best results. 

💡 DEVELOP NEW SKILLS: Solving this puzzle will help develop spatial awareness, memory retention and colour matching skills. It’s a great way to enjoy solving puzzles while learning new talents. 

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