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  • Saboteur

Saboteur - Social Strategy Game

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Saboteur is a quick, easy and addictive social strategy game where players all play as miners competing to earn the most gold. Each round players will be either a gold miner hunting for treasure or a hidden saboteur who is secretly trying to betray everyone. These roles will be kept secret and you will never know what side someone is secretly playing for. 

Lie, plot, trust no-one and be the sneakiest player at the table to win!


  • Ages: 8+
  • Players: 3-10
  • Playing time: 30mins
  • Genre: Social Strategy 
  • Difficulty: Easy

Recommended For

  • Large groups of friends
  • Players who enjoy being sneaky and sly and outsmarting their friends
  • Players who love: Werewolf, Coup, Secret Hitler, Munchkin


  • 44 path cards
  • 27 action cards
  • 28 gold nugget cards
  • 7 gold miner cards
  • 4 saboteur cards
  • 1 rulebook


How to Play

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