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Sh*tty Choices
Sh*tty Choices
Sh*tty Choices
Sh*tty Choices
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Sh*tty Choices

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Sh*tty Choices

No matter what you choose, you still lose...

The game of twisted would you rather scenarios that will leave you questioning everything.Readout a card and you must pick A or B...Suicide is not an option! 


  • Ages: 17+
  • Players: 2-20+
  • Playing time: 20-60mins
  • Genre: Adult Party
  • Difficulty: Easy

How to Play

  • Everyone starts with a set of A and B voting cards
  • Pick a player to be the “Reader of the Cards”. If in doubt just let the bossy person do it - it’ll make them feel important but is basically just extra work. Alternatively, rotate around and take turns reading a card each round.
  • The very important “Reader of the Cards” will now pick a card and read it out loud. 
  • Everyone may now argue over the different meanings of the question, the possible hypothetical outcomes and any other semantics they feel necessary to explore.
  • When everyone is ready, they must cast a vote for A or B at the same time.
  • Suicide is never an option, and if someone refuses to pick an option, the group must boo them for being an indecisive little bitch.
  • Continue reading cards and becoming more disturbed at your friend’s choices until someone gets hungry. Then order a pizza, or don’t. We don’t care.

Optional Drinking Rules

  • Make sure everyone has multiple drinks - you will need them.
  • Everyone drink, the last person to finish has to be the “Reader of the Cards”.
  • If you choose an answer that the rest of the group disagrees with, finish your drink
  • Whenever someone is too enthusiastic about an answer, they must drink
  • If you refuse to pick an answer, finish your drink
  • Anytime you say, “I’d rather kill myself” take a drink
  • Anytime the Reader of the Cards misreads a card, they must drink
  • If you think you’ve found a loophole to the question and everyone gets annoyed at you for ruining the game, take a shot
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