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Silver Balls Heart Fidget Spinner - Red

Silver Balls Heart Fidget Spinner - Red

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💫 SILVER BALL STYLE! The Fidget Spinner is back, built funky and creative shapes featuring silver metal balls. Easy to pick up, hard to put down, and fun for everyone. 

👆 SIMPLE TO SPIN: One spin is all it takes to make you happy. Just put your thumb on the middle section, your forefinger on the opposite side and spin the outer rims to get this spinner in motion. 

💪 TOUGH AND DURABLE: The Silver Ball Fidget Spinners are built from solid components so they can be carried around easily and safely. 

ğŸ˜Ž FUNKY SHAPES: Choose from a wide variety of cool designs and colours.

😃 EXCELLENT STRESS RELIEF: Silver Ball Fidget Spinners are perfect for those who want to relieve stress or just keep their hands busy. Ideal for those with autism, ADHD or similar conditions. Spinning is a great way to clear your mind and stay focused.

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