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The Rudest Game In The World - Weebs Edition

The Rudest Game In The World - Weebs Edition

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Notice this game, Senpai! Embrace your inner weeb and get filthier than tentacle demons visiting a high school with this sick, twisted and hilarious game.

It’s easier to play than losing your virginity to a body pillow. Grab your friends, high school sport team rivals or some randos you met while Naruto running through a convention to pair the question card with the funniest and thirstiest answer card. Play the rudest card and be declared the winner, gaining you the respect your father never gave you.

🗾 Every question and answer in this tendie-powered pack is full of references to our beloved weeb culture, including anime, Japan and spending $700 on a statue but being too cheap to pay for Crunchyroll. It’s cheaper than flying to Japan searching for a robot catgirl to be your waifu, and way more fun.

Just like a dodgy cosplay effort based on an obscure character from one episode of Naruto, this game is built by weebs for the approval of other weebs. Please approve.

The Rudest Game In The World - Weebs Edition is a standalone expansion pack for The Rudest Game In The World, and can be mixed with the base game or any other expansion pack. Warning: Things get seriously sleazy in here, but you love it like that.

Craving more of this sick filth? Grab The Rudest Bundle and take things too far!

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