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Trust Me I'm A Doctor - Family Party Game

Trust Me I'm A Doctor - Family Party Game

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Trust Me I’m a Doctor is a hilarious card game that lets you become an old-timey doctor, treating serious medieval maladies with some VERY questionable cures.

Players draw gross Ailments and horrifying Cures, then attempt to cure their patient by suggesting various outdated cures, aiming to match symbols on the cards and back up their combination with lots of verbal jousting. The first doctor to be chosen thrice wins, and if everyone is sufficiently grossed out this is a bonus!

This party game encourages interaction with your friends. Each of these Ailments and Cures are REAL things that happened.

So what are you waiting for? This game was backed by over 900 potential surgeons on Kickstarter. Add us to your cart, we’re positive you’ll be prescribing Leeches in no time.


  • Ages: 12+
  • Players: 3-8
  • Playing time: 15-60mins
  • Genre: Family Party Game
  • Difficulty: Easy

How To Play:

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