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Windmill Speed Cube

Windmill Speed Cube

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💨 GO LIKE THE WIND! The Windmill Speed features six colourful sides that rotate on an altered axis, so you can mix the sides up and rearrange them in millions of combinations and designs.

🎁 GREAT GIFT FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS: This addictive puzzle is small, lightweight and resistant to scratches, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves a challenge that they can take anywhere. 

🧩 SMART DESIGN: Built from high quality solid and safe materials, the new generations of  Speed Cubes feature smooth cornering, bright colours and a solid grip. 

🏆 BEAT THE COMPETITION: Professional speedcubers rely on Moyu cubes to get the best results. They’re the world leader in competitive speed cubes. 

💡 MASTER NEW SKILLS: Learning how to solve Speed Cubes is a great way to develop spatial awareness, memory retention and colour matching skills. Have fun while developing new talents and avoiding screen time. 

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