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Zipper Bracelet - Dark Blue & Hot Pink/Dark Blue

Zipper Bracelet - Dark Blue & Hot Pink/Dark Blue

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🤐 JUST ZIP IT! Cool, flexible and totally relaxing, Zipper Bracelets are the latest fidget toy in town. Wear it on your wrist or just play with it in your hands, and enjoy the zipping sensation at any time.

🤗 EASY TO USE: There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy this mesmerising fidget toy. Zipping and unzipping over and over again is fun and soothing, and fun to share with your friends.

💪 BUILT TOUGH: These Zipper Bracelets will withstand repeated use.

🟥🟩🟦 MULTIPLE COLOURS: Pick your favourite today.

✔ STAY FOCUSED: Our range of anti-stress fidget toys are extremely popular with those who have ADHD, autism or similar conditions. The feeling of zipping and unzipping takes your mind off worries, inspires creativity and helps develop fine motor skills. 

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